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4.38 GB
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Info Hash:
Plataforma: WII
Género: Minijuegos
Desarrollo: Nintendo
Formato: DVD Full
Video: PAL
Mandos Necesarios: Wiimote & nunchak
Idiomas: Multi-Español incluido
Modificaciones: Ninguna-Release Oficial
Juego Online: No

La mayoría de los videojuegos demanda la máxima atención a la pantalla por parte de los jugadores. Ahora Nintendo la desplaza a la sala de estar con Wii Party, un título que cambia radicalmente la forma en la que los jugadores interactúan entre sí. Con 13 modos de fiesta diferentes y más de 70 minijuegos, Wii Party es un juego para toda la familia, tanto grandes como pequeños.


* Algunos de los 13 modos distintos extienden la diversión desde el televisor a la sala de estar. Los jugadores deben interactuar mutuamente en el mundo real para que los resultados deseados se reflejen en la partida. He aquí la dinámica de algunos de los juegos:
- Los jugadores colocan sobre una mesa cuatro mandos de Wii. Cada uno de estos emite un sonido de un animal diferente. Ganará el primero que agarre el mando cuyo sonido se corresponda con el animal reflejado en la televisión.
- Jugar al escondite con los mandos de Wii. Mientras los demás esperan fuera, uno de los jugadores se queda en la sala para esconder todos los mandos por la habitación. Cuando los demás regresen, tienen que encontrarlos.
* En Wii Party salen a escena los personajes Mii, que participarán en minijuegos para un máximo de cuatro jugadores. Cada jugador usa únicamente el mando de Wii. Algunos de los modos de juego son cooperativos, tales como \"Balance Boat.\" Otros, en cambio, son de tinte competitivo, como \"Board Game Island\".
* En el modo Board Game Island, los jugadores ayudan a sus Miis a competir en más de 70 minijuegos diferentes:
- Los personajes Mii se montan en una montaña rusa mientras los jugadores tratan de acertar a los globos flotantes con regalos en su interior.
- Los jugadores emplean sus mandos de Wii para que los personajes Mii puedan jugar al corre que te pillo.


When i insert my burned disc it tells me to update my system. Is this right or what am i doing wrong?? Please answer this!
When i insert my burned disc it tells me to update my system, ill never had problems before. Is this right or what am i doing wrong?? I am using wiikey2, Please answer this!
I recommend everyone ho downloads this iso and dont want to uppdate you wii when you are forced to do it to play the game use wii brick blocker to remove the forced update from the iso and play it like a normal game. Link to brick blocker: http://wbb.rockman18.com/upload/wbb/WiiBrickBlocker_v1_3R2.rar
do you just put this brick blocker into root of sd card?
I haven't been doing this for all that long, but in my experience, I haven't had a single softmod issue, so first and foremost, I'd go with that over a wiikey. All the people asking questions are the people with hardmods...hmm. When the mod was done, by whoever did it, they should have added some type of Priiloader, Brick Blocker at that time, and disabled disc and internet updates. Do that, it's nearly impossible to brick your machine. I have a softmodded 4.2U. I use USBLoaderGX for all of my backups. They run off a 150 GB external HDD. Just download, extract ISO if needed, add to HDD using WBSF manager. WBSF manager can also be used to format your HDD to WBSF format so your Wii can read it / handle backups. I agree that a softmod requires more maintenance. But I've been through the last year and a half without having to update a thing. That's seen the release of major Nintendo titles. New Super Mario Bros., Galaxy 2, Other M, Epic Yarn, GoldenEye 007...None of those games required a mod update. I'm not expecting to have to do anything for Donkey Kong in a couple weeks either... Either way, I'm gonna end my rant by saying that you should know what you're doing with your mod before you come to a place like this and ask for advice. That's the quickest way you're gonna end up with a shiny white brick. There are a few good modding sites that can be found with a simple google search, they have in-depth tutorials, step-by-step instructions to get your Wii backup ready. Don't use YouTube.
Hello, I have a drivekey fitted and have updated wii everytime...all games work well...latest is CoD Black ops...
It has worked for me...good luck to all...
Ive chipped my wii with a card, long time ago I played on it. But now the same thing happend to me, a update popped up, installed it and all thought it will break my wii but it didnt. So now I can play every new game. For those who dont know if they should update their wii, its a 50/50 thing if u got it softmodded. But if u have physical chipped the wii, it shouldnt be a problem to update it. Have fun!
Is this in English, as I have downloaded a few and they are in Spanish. Kids are getting fedup with me
Is this in English?
not working with wiikey fusion 1.4 and wii update 4.3
Works fine apart from when the Chop Chop game starts and then my wii just locks up. Black screen and no response off andything. Am I being stupid and doing something wrong? I could never get Monster Hunter to run either. I am using USB Loader.
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@dredg_XI I have to fully agree with you. The only problem is that, These people get on here. Not read a FUCKING thing. Then click the "Write comment", and ask a fucking question. I have been spending at least a week, trying to clean this up. But it's no use. No one reads shit. Here is a example, Is this English or just Spanish? Well, I don't know. Did you "try" to use your brain and see just what the fuck Multi5 means? No? How do you have the brains to mod/hack?... Any damn question can be answered by Google. It's not that hard. You can even sign up on a forum, and get help. One can try http://www.apiratesbook.com/forum/index.php Or even just Wii Guides http://www.apiratesbook.com/guides.html It's not hard. I think we need to start telling people that this is not a help section. Take it somewhere else. Not to go about it and be rude. You will just get more help on a forum. Not in a comment section. Just saying.
make a .rar file of it less mb, like 400 download a lot easyer :)
for all those having issues playing this game; it's because you're running on outdated cIOS249, 236 is where it's at now, and most new wii games want to run on IOS56 now, which, if you were up to date you'd have stubbed and installed. Best thing you can do is search the latest softmod .zips on either gbatemp or wiihacks and do start anew. All those claiming they get the "system update" requests when playing through the disc channel, get Neogamma or something, it'll bypass that.
Works like a charm :D everything works on my 4.2 softmodded wii using Wiiflow USB Loader :D
Thanks! works with my wiikey fusion!
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