25 Pokemon Roms for GBC, GBA, and NDS + Emulators 

25 Pokemon Roms for GBC, GBA, and NDS + Emulators
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I believe this is every Pokemon Rom (25) there is for the GBC, GBA, and NDS. I have also included the emulators for you guys to play these games :D Have fun!!


1. unRAR
2. Open one of the emulators, depending on the game

2a. GBC games - VisualBoy Advanced
2b. GBA games - NO$GBA
2c. NDS games - DeSmuME

3. Open the the rom you want to play.
4. Have fun!


this torrent is a lie. Black and White are 512MB alone. So including the rest of the DS Pokemon ROMs, this torrent could not possibly be 282MB.
uncompresses 978 MB includes: Emulators\ Pokemon Black\ Pokemon Blue\ Pokemon Crystal\ Pokemon Dash\ Pokemon Diamond\ Pokemon Emerald\ Pokemon Fire Red\ Pokemon Gold\ Pokemon Leaf Green\ Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Blue\ Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Red\ Pokemon Pearl\ Pokemon Pinball\ Pokemon Pinball Ruby & Sapphire\ Pokemon Platinum\ Pokemon Puzzle Challenge\ Pokemon Ranger\ Pokemon Red\ Pokemon Ruby\ Pokemon Sapphire\ Pokemon Silver\ Pokemon Trading Card Game\ Pokemon Trozei\ Pokemon White\ Pokemon Yellow\
compressed again with 7zip is 218 mb pokemons are high compressable especially nds pokemons
How can i make the game faster on the DeSmuME emulator?
This torrent is not a lie, its a compressed file, and also, it turns out im missing 2 games from this: Heart Gold and Soul Silver. Im sure you can find those somewhere else, or ill upload them in a separate torrent. and to make desmume faster, the only way i can think of is to hold down the Tab button. itll go a little faster, but will look kinda laggy
You should have included the ones for Nintendo 64 :) but this was pretty good :) im looking forward to trying out the DS games. havnt played them before. Thanks.