WWE SmackDown 10/14/11 DX Returns 

WWE SmackDown 10/14/11 DX Returns
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DX Returns 2011 WWE SmackDown 101411 wwe smackdown
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DX Returns 2011 - WWE SmackDown 10/14/11 

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This is from youtube a fan cam


y do u have to write dx returns!!! u ruinned it!!!
No secret you can read about it on wwe website and see a movie.
dude i dont goto wwe.com!!! i dont read spoilers!! u ruined it! asshole,, why on earth do u feel the need and probably sexual pleasure for ruining it for other people,,, seriously and your response to AJ made as much sense as u ruining it for other people... ill never download anything from u and nobody else should either
you justify your dumb ass spoiling it for others by saying... there are other places u can go and get spoilers,,, well i dont go to those places and u ruined it cause ur an ass... just admit it instead or your retard excuses
go ahead and say something else that makes no sense u spoiling retard
and every chance i get im gonna post or blog about u and what an idiot u r and how u enjoy ruining other peoples experiences,,, DOUCHE! yeah ur a DOUCHE
everyone remove this from your torrents and remove the data and trackers and remember this guys name... dont ever dl anything from this scumbag again
This is my first comment ever in my life. I created an account just to reply to some of the more ignorant comments and bashing I have seen from idiotic people. THIS IS NOT A SPOILER. This is not a show that will air on TV. He shared a free clip from a house show. AND IT ONLY FEATURES DX not the entire show. What the fuck was he supposed to call it? You should be thanking him you dumbasses.
And yes when I first saw the title. It was before watching Smackdown and I thought to myself OMG spoiler!!! But if you just relax and wait and actually watch smackdown before yelling at the guy you would see that. But poster you should make it clear that it is "A house show" because it will upset people especially the way you put Smackdown and the date up there.