Rosetta Stone - Spanish (Spain) - Level 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 

Rosetta Stone - Spanish (Spain) - Level 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
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Rosetta Stone
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disc 4 and 5 are not working can you reupload them thanks! seeded
Hi. I have downloaded the files, now what do i do with them, I've tried extracting them, do i need a program
@bostonfan04, It may be because of the version of Rosetta Stone you're running. DL this ISO, and READ the Read Important.txt file This is Rosetta Stone v3 Run the patch in the patch folder. The patch will MORE THAN LIKELY set off your AV software -->> IGNORE IT! This will allow you to activate the language packs Then DL the Rosetta Stone v3.4.7 program here: There is a PDF enclosed, it has detailed instructions on how to install program and languages DO NOT be fooled into needing any serials/keygens. Replace the exe with the one in the crack folder. if you have followed these directions, you should not have any problems EinDeutschMan
@thehenryhen, Read the comment I sent to bostonfan04, and follow the same instructions. That will give you what you need. EinDeutschMan
Sorry to bother you again EinDeutschMan... I already have r-stone v3.. I just need to what the activation ID is? and if you don't know it anymore then is there another way to activate it?... Many thanks for the upload!
Sorry Typo- *I just need to KNOW what the activation ID is*
You dont need to activate them just activate later it will let you use no matter what.
thanx alot EinDeutschMan just got back from Spain and really want to communicate better next time I visit. However, can anyone tell me if this is still safe to run online with regards to the "perform an online update of software then reaply patch" aspect of the installation process? The weekends assaults on the internet have left me a tad uneasy and weary of registering £500 worthy of software online :(
@The_Famous, In light of the "assaults" on the internet, I would NOT recommend updating the language packs. I believe these are the latest language packs. And I DEFINITELY recommend NOT to update the software AT ANY TIME. EinDeutschMan
tried was was said here, but i still get stuck at packs 4 and 5: I installed RS 3, then patched it. I started adding the languages but 4, 5 won't What did I do wrong ?
can anyone tell me step by step installation process? i mounted the (Spanish (Spain) - Level 1) ISO but it is not displaying any setup file... thanks.
Wheres the file that tells me how to do the installing... :/ ive tried burning it to dick and there's no run file ... what do i do?
disc******* omg... i fail
How do i Install this. I cant find a readme or any thing. Ive tried burning lesson one to a disk. should i have burnt them all? Plz help
IMO you should receive at least a pink skull/crossbones. My advice to those having difficulties is this: burn the ISO files to a CD/DVD using UltraISO, then launch RS V3 (must be installed first) and "add a language level." It really is that easy.
I use Windows 07' Vista Home Premium and everything worked smooth all levels...never installed V3 just went to 3.47 using PowerISO and kept internet off the entire time after putting crack app in reg app folder and overwriting. Great stuff!
!Muchas Gracias :D I added all 5 levels, started level 1. No hitches as of now. Thanks again.
How do I get it passed the burn disc icon?