Asian Beauties (XXX Photos) 

Asian Beauties (XXX Photos)
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What is this?

- A (somewhat - 2GB) small collection of asian xxx photos. All are models, and almost(!) every picture would be worth putting in a magazine.

Is this just stationary girls that has a thousand pictures that look as if the girl hasn't even moved?

- No each model/folder has its own theme. Could be showertime or be two girls find love, or after school time fun. Many of the sets progress into nudity (many not all) but if you were to keep hitting the next button it wouldnt make a short animation like some other galleries.

Why the fuck did you .ZIP it?!

- I use my neighbors internet, lately the connection hasn't been that great (aka I can't multitask) so my thinking is if I can lower the file size, it will get downloaded faster, and the good people on here would surely seed.

Ok...but did you include samples?

- Yes, there is 10 sample images I selected randomly (aka close my eyes click click click)

It better be fucking organized...

- Its organized by the model's name, but if they had an imageset in a different "scene" I put it in a different folder under her name.


...thanks for sharing! But if you answer all the questions, whatever will we be able to bitch about?
WHY These passwordSHIT???????????
...the password is asiann1nja
Big thx to gstued for the working password !!! I was just about to call asiann1nja "Asshole of the Month" because of the passworded shit. If someone reports him he will be banned because passworded rar-files are forbidden. His text-file leads to a marketing site - also forbidden. Maybe he should be reported on SuprBay ?
password + marketing = banned
This complete moronic a-hole uploaded a PASSWORDED zip file, that contains a rar file, that contains a folder, which contains another folder, which contains yet another folder, which then contains 47 files, which contain under 4000 pics of mostly unattractive or average Asian women. His username is the password for this crappy waste of bandwidth, HDD space and time. I'm guessing asiann1nja is a queer (male or maybe female).
This is very nice up load , some girls cristy is gorgeous ,, Anna have very sexy pussy , many thx to the up loader , I am not finished with it yet ..