OUTLAST (32bit save file) 

OUTLAST (32bit save file)
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Save file only 32 bit OS
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This save file will get you to the next save point past the security room after you have turned the power on.

This was saved playing on Windows 7 32bit only.

Read the README!! text file.

NOTE: If the game won't run with this SAV file, then re-install & use this patch to ensure compatability.


The game version I used (It shouldn't matter).

I don't think this will work with 3DM crack, but I might be wrong.

My screens:

All the best, hope it helps,


Pyre8Storm,can i have all the save files,please?
@Pyre8Storm please ignore the above comment,cause i was using an invalid email adress.Please send me all the save files into the following adress: ligdisnikos@gmail.com i look forward to seeing your reply! :)
@lig1993/nickligdis, Save file sent, enjoy :)
Worked just fine. Thanks you so much Pyre!
Hi Pyre8Storm....Can you sent me a save file after this one you uploaded? In my pc in this room the loading stuck for ever...I would apreciate that....sorry for my english....my email is: hammerhead9494@yahoo.gr thanks....
@ Hammerhead9494, I've sent my "ALL Saves" file to you via my gmail account, just figure out which one you need and keep the rar file incase you need it later on, enjoy.
@Pyre8Storm thank you so much!!! You're the best!!! ;)
Could you please send me all of the save files in a zip/rar to my mail because i really need them to get past some game-breaking bugs (so i can move one checkpoint further every time i encounter one). ognjen099@gmail.com Looking forward to your reply so i can finally play again (your saves are the only ones that work for me).
@Ognjen099, file sent, enjoy.
Hello, i wanna ask you if you could send me your save files on outlast cause my game has crashed and my files are lost. I will be please if you send me them. There is my email: lukylaibl@seznam.cz
If you dont mind can you send me your outlast save file as well. My game got a bug. Im stuck at the theater's room 4eva. Here's my email:jhill671@yahoo.com
nice :)
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